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What You Should Know About Personal Injury Law in Massachussets

Under Massachusetts law, an injured party may sue for damages from the at-fault party when one of the following criteria is met:

  • The victim has died
  • The victim has $2,000 or more in related and reasonable medical expenses
  • The victim suffers a permanent and serious disfigurement
  • A bone is fractured
  • The loss of one or more of the “senses” – such as sight, taste, hearing, or smell
  • A limb has been lost

The injured party, under Massachusetts law, has a modified comparative negligence standard. Massachusetts will not bar recovery if a plaintiff is partially at fault. However, it will prevent recovery if the plaintiff is 51% or more at fault.

What is a typical contingency fee?

As you probably know, contingency fees mean you only pay an attorney’s fees if the attorney wins money for you. Typical fees are 33% (1/3).

  • 33% (sometimes higher)!
  • Attorney Paul Luciano’s fee: 25%

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