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Pedestrian Accidents

You would think that as a pedestrian you’re at your safest. You’re not behind the wheel of a car; you’re not in a plane; you’re not riding a motorcycle. However, pedestrian accidents in Quincy – and throughout the South Shore – are far too common.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a pedestrian accident,  Quincy Personal Injury Attorney Paul Luciano can help you get the compensation you deserve. With Attorney Luciano, you only pay (a low 25% contingency fee) if he wins or settles your case.

What you should know about pedestrian accidents in the South Shore

Often times people confuse pedestrian accidents with “hit and run” accidents. While a hit-and-run is one form of pedestrian accidents, it’s not the only one. Pedestrian accidents can include:

  1. People getting hit while walking in a crosswalk
  2. Getting hit by a car that goes off the road
  3. Getting hit by a train
  4. Getting hit by a bus/motorcycle
  5. Getting hit by a boat

The injuries, pain and suffering following a pedestrian accident can range from minor bumps to life-changing injuries, as well as death. Regardless o the pain and suffering you or your loved one have suffered following this type of accident, you deserve representation from an attorney who’ll fight for justice.

 Quincy attorney Paul Luciano will make sure the person responsible for your accident is held accountable, and that you’re compensated for your pain, suffering and injuries.


How Attorney Luciano fights for pedestrians

Pedestrians throughout Quincy, Milton, Weymouth, Dorchester and beyond are the must vulnerable people on the road. There are certain rules put into place (no texting and driving, stop at crosswalks, abide by speed limits) to ensure your safety as you walk about your day. However, far too many Massachusetts drivers ignore these rules, resulting in devastating pedestrian injuries. Attorney Paul Luciano fought for the rights and safety of South Shore pedestrians for more than 40 years, and has the expertise and passion to fight for you.

Attorney Luciano’s clients have successfully claimed monetary damages for such things as:

  • Medical costs
  • Doctor’s bills
  • Hospital costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of earnings
  • And much more!

With Attorney Paul Luciano, you’ll receive the best representation in the South Shore and will only pay your LOW 25% CONTINGENCY FEE if and when your case is won or settled.

Contact an experienced & talented pedestrian accident lawyer in the South Shore – No fees unless your case is won

Paul Luciano has successfully represented victims of pedestrian accidents in the South Shore for more than 4 decades. There are no up-front fees and no costs until your case is successfully settled or won in court. Attorney Luciano offers a free consultation to discuss your case and to help you understand your potential courses of action. Schedule your complimentary consultation today!

Personal Injury Attorney Paul Luciano represents clients throughout the South Shore, including Dorchester, Quincy, Roxbury, Mattapan, Hyde Park, Braintree and beyond.